Embedded Internet Trainings

As a specialist in the area of „Embedded Internet“ SEVENSTAX offers flexible methods, to deliver knowledge about internet protocols and internet applications and to ease handling of SEVENSTAX products.

Training in the basics of TCP/IP

This training offers an overview of internet technology in embedded systems. The following topics are part of the training:

  • Brief introduction in basics, layered architecture
  • Which protocols and applications are typically used?
  • How does communication work within an Ethernet?

    • IP addresses, networks and names
    • Find participants within a network

  • Important network components and their functions

    • Router
    • Switch, hub

  • How does Telecommunication work?

    • Communication channels: GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE, DSL, modem
    • Access to the internet using embedded systems
    • Access to the embedded system from the internet

  • Tasks and components for system security
  • How to use different internet technologies

    • Overview of functionality
    • Efficient use in embedded systems
    • Network concepts: from single device to a system

This is thought as an introduction day for project leaders, developers, and sales and marketing representatives. We will also discuss typical questions asked by customers and talk about efforts and costs for development and maintenance of devices with internet technology.