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SEVENSTAX Zeroconf (Zero Configuration) is an implementation of the protocols and services referred to by "Zeroconf" (Apple uses the term "Bonjour"). Zeroconf allows initiation and use of network participants without configuration – basically via "plug & play". To achieve this, processes for automatic assignment of IP address (DHCP, AutoIP) and serverless name services which allow to address devices using names (mDNS) are included. Moreover, Service Discovery (DNS-SD) allows listing of devices within a network that propagate configurable services.

Implementation of the protocols on PC side is already included in many operating systems (MacOs, Ubuntu, etc.) and can be installed later to the operating system as freely avaible software (Apple's Bonjour, ZeroConf Neighbourhood, etc.).

SEVENSTAX Zeroconf includes the following components:

  • AutoIP (formerly known as APIPA) for automatic assignment of IP address without DHCP server

  • Multicast-DNS (mDNS) – a conflict-free naming service without DNS server
  • Domain Name System Service Discovery (DNS-SD) – service propagation without a server
  • Link Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR)
  • NetBIOS naming service – an alternative server-free naming service for Microsoft Windows PC


  • An attractive option is the use of SEVENSTAX Zeroconf together with  SEVENSTAX Webserver. To access the embedded system the user only needs to enter the device name in the browser. Knowledge about IP addresses is not required. Many browsers are even able to list active embedded systems within a network when using Apple's Bonjour or a plug-in. By doing so the user acquires a fast overview of all embedded systems present in the network and can access them easily “by a click”.