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Realize successful products with us which guarantee maximum reliability and user-friendliness. Basic prerequisite for reliable and user friendly products is an adequate verification of the system.

SEVENSTAX offers project support in the field of testing management, in particular to address the following issues:

Testing of all customer requirements

  • Consideration of software testability of requirement analysis and specification
  • Tracking of test coverage of customer requirements

Definition of test cases

  • Clear definition of test cases to facilitate test case tracking
  • Prioritization of test cases

Efficient verification through concerted test phases

  • Designers provide instantly verification of individual modules
  • Black-box testing of individual functions of the system
  • Efficient product testing to ensure basic functionality even after further development
  • Integration tests to verify interfaces between individual product systems
  • System testing in the target environment

Test Automation

  • to increase the efficiency of frequently repeated test cases such as product testing