SEVENSTAX V2G is the world's first commercial implementation of a vehicle-to-grid interface client for embedded systems. Vehicle-to-grid communication according to ISO/IEC CD 15118 respectively DIN 70121 defines the communication between vehicle and charging station. This communication is used to exchange data concerning the charging process and billing. The communication is based on the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). The SEVENSTAX V2G client is designed to be used with the SEVENSTAX TCP/IPv6 stack. Different systems such as Power Line Communication (PLC) can be used as transmission medium.

  • Vehicle-to-grid interface client (V2GI) according to ISO/IEC CD 15118 and DIN 70121 respectively

    • V2GI Application Layer Message set (simple data types & complex data types)

    • request-,/ response,-/ handshake-handling

  • integrated EXI processor

    • pre defined structures for user data allows implementation without a complex XML parser/generator

  • V2G SECC Discovery Protocol

The implementation is based on the guidelines of the "Hersteller Initiatve Software" in terms of MIRSA rules, software metrics, development process and automatic testing with defined code coverage. Therefore SEVENSTAX V2G is ideal for the use in vehicles.


  • In-house development for embedded system
  • Minimal RAM/ROM usage
  • Zero-Copy
  • Simple API functions
  • ANSI-C source code
  • Works with and without RTOS
  • No "GPL contamination"
  • No royalties
  • MISRA checked

What you get

  • Well documented source code
  • User Manual
  • Software license

System Requirements

  • 32-bit timer/counter, accuracy: 1ms
  • ROM: inquire
  • RAM: inquire

License models