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SEVENSTAX E-Mail is an email client implementation for embedded systems. All protocols required for sending an receiving E-mails are included already.

By using existing and mostly free infrastructures available on the internet email clients for embedded systems allow easy sending of e.g. status information, alarms, log data etc. and receiving of e.g. parameter sets etc.

Another advantage is the availability of gateways. Many provider offer low cost email to SMS, mail to fax and mail to voice gateways. In case of an error users can therefore be easily notified in many different ways. 

The content of the data received is evaluated by a streaming parser.

  • Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) according to RFC 2821
  • SMTP plain authentication
  • CRAM MD5 for secure SMTP authentication
  • Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) according to RFC 1460
  • POP3 plain authentication
  • APOP for secure POP3 authentication according to RFC 1460
  • Mail user agent (MUA) to control sending and receiving processes
  • Multipurpose internet mail extension (MIME) module for coding of non ASCII content
  • Base64 de/encoding
  • Support of mail attachments

The modular structure (separation of SMTP/POP3/MIME) allows individual tailoring to the system used. A streaming parser ensures minimum RAM usage. 


Together with SEVENSTAX TLS a highly secure encryption of your email traffic is supported. Nowadays many public email server require a secure communication.

  • SMTP(s) and SMTP with STARTTLS
  • POP3 with STARTTLS