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SEVENSTAX Secure Firmware Update

With the help of the SEVENSTAX Secure Firmware Update you can ensure that your applications and devices are always up to date, as well as adapt your software to your customers needs. 

Following tasks are typical:

  • Updating a device’s own firmware
  • Updating of the websites of a device
  • Updating the firmware of external controllers in the system (e.g. a WiFi-module or a Bluetooth module)
  • Updating the configuration of a device 

Of course, we will answer any questions about the security of your system and the configuration of the SEVENSTAX Secure Firmware Update according to your system requirements.

Particularly the firmware update creates many possible security loop-holes, even on your system. Therefore, SEVENSTAX has developed a firmware update process, that complies with all security and reliability standards

How secure is the Secure Firmware Update?

The SEVENSTAX Secure Firmware Update protects your firmware update from the following security risiks: 

  • From errors in the transmission of the firmware
    • Before the file is processed it uses hash values (e.g. SHA256) to verify if the received file has been illegally altered
  • From manipulation of the firmware
    • A verification of the creator of the firmware based on the x509 certificate takes place, in order to prevent strangers from creating or changing content
  • From theft of the software
    • The encryption of the file prohibits that strangers access the content of your software.
  • From error after an interrupt
    • All firmware and configuration files will only be activated once the files have been fully loaded. The old version will remain usable if an error occurs or power is lost.

Naturally, SEVENSTAX uses crypto-algorithms with high international regard, that are proven over many years of use within the SEVENSTAX TLS

Transmission Paths

The SEVENSTAX Secure Firmware Update offers a multitude of possible transmission paths, for example:

  • An automatic download via a server (with the SEVENSTAX HTTP-Client)
  • A web-browser (with the SEVENSTAX webserver)
  • A different controller (e.g. via UART) with the system
  • Autonomously via the software of the service personal

Further Information

Profit from our experience and ensure that your system will be a joint success. The following areas might also be of interest to you:

  • Consulting and project-management
  • Creation of a PKI for your projects
  • Encryption of your content in the embedded Filesystem

Get in touch with us – we will gladly advise you!