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SEVENSTAX Product Quality

Our work is characterized by our professional expertise and we are committed to provide high-quality products. Our products were and are specified and developed to perfectly meet the requirements of embedded devices. They are completely new implementations of standardized internet protocols and applications.

SEVENSTAX Development

All SEVENSTAX products have been developed by a team of specialists here at the company. The entire know-how resides entirely within SEVENSTAX.

Optimal Embedded Design

SEVENSTAX products aim to meet the requirements of embedded systems from the first draft on. Therefore, our products deliver an optimum performance with minimum consumption of resources.

Integrated Project Experience

The developer team at SEVENSTAX integrates their products into customer projects and also in our own projects. The knowledge gained during the projects directly serves to improve the products.

Excellent Scalability

Our products are composed of basic modules which fit together perfectly. The basic modules can be combined as needed. The functionality of the basic modules can be optimally adjusted to the target system and can thus be configured to perfectly match the system requirements.


From the beginning, SEVENSTAX software is designed to work on a variety of controllers, DSPs and FPGAs. Any hardware depending information is removed from the code and maintained centrally.

Tool Integration

Our products have been integrated into a variety of development environments, compilers, debuggers etc. With our reference applications, you can hit the ground running!


All SEVENSTAX modules deliver detailed debug information. This information can be turned on and off both by module and by debug level.

Tested Products

All of our products are reviewed and have passed the system test before they leave our premises.

Operational Applications

Our embedded products always arrive fully functional on a reference system. If desired, all functionality can be tested on the spot. If you wish, we can also integrate the software into your target system.

Comprehensive Development Support

While using our products to develop your application, you may speak directly to our developers. Thus, you are guaranteed competent and fast support.

Continuous Development

All our products are continuously developed and improved. We are committed to optimize performance and stability of our products and increasing their functionality.

High Installation Base

SEVENSTAX has been developing embedded Internet protocols and applications since 2000. By now, our products have been used in a large number of projects and in huge lot sizes. As our customer, you benefit directly from the experience we have gained over the years as well as the widespread use of our products.