Sustainability Pledges


At Sevenstax we realise the important role innovation plays in building a cleaner, more sustainable future. We have therefor decided to adopt our Corporate Social Responsibility pledges. We firmly believe in the value of individual action and have thus modelled our operations on the UN climate pledges.  


For our Environmental Management Report 2021 click here.


E-Mobility Push

SEVENSTAX has a long history of mobility solutions, ranging from train door automation to automobile break systems. As of January 2021 we are part of the CharIn initiative which is dedicated to encouraging the widespread adoption of Combined Charging Systems (CCS). Through this move we have zoned in on the second biggest contributor to emissions in Germany in the past year; personal use automobiles. Sevenstax supports this push by developing more efficient, user friendly V2G technology for an emission free future. Our V2G stack is the first commercially implemented stack of its kind. By making charging faster, more cost efficient and secure we are contributing to the wider adoption of electric vehicles.


SEVENSTAX Environmental Pledges

The SEVENSTAX environmental plan focusses on the aspects of water usage, energy use and waste management. Our goals are orientated along the UN development goals number 7, 9, 12 and 13. For more information on how we plan to reduce our energy use by 10% and our time working in home office to 40% a week please have a look at our environmental report.



Ongoing Targets


Saving Energy

- Reduce energy use

- Using smart plugs and devices and avoid standby

- Save up to 10% of our average energy consumption


Innovation in E-mobility

- Advancing our contribution to the development of low carbon transportation

- Creating low cost, efficient V2G solutions

- Supporting the mass adoption of Combined Charging Systems (CCS)


Carbon Footprint

- Reducing our carbon footprint by reducing travel

- Digitalising meetings and creating work at home options

- Increasing the proportion of work from home to 40%