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Quality planning

Your products have a high quality. Always?

Your products are developed compliant to your processes? Completely?

Our specialists provide competent support for your quality assurance - for the quality assurance on concrete work products as well as for the quality assurance on your processes.

Sevenstax can support you in:

Quality Assurance

  • Determine quality objectives for your projects and your organisationIdentify, verify and pin down customer requirements

Quality management

  • process adherence evaluation by audits and assessments
  • introduction and support in milestone and gate reviews
  • introduction of an efficient review process
  • continous evalution of work products and projects by metrics, insepctions and reviews
  • reporting of quality assurance activities and results in projects and for the organisation
  • Analysis of discovered failures and problems with the 5-Why method
  • structured analysis of experiences in post project analysis

Continous improvement

  • Definition of improvement proposals for your organisation, processes and methods
  • support in their implementation


We offer support in the following methods to guarantee successful projects:

Risk analysis with the Mini Risk Method

  • Early identification, minimization and prevention of risks

Post Project Analysis

  • Continuous evaluation and fitting of processes, operational procedures and interfaces

5 Why

  • Analysis Roots for problems and eliminate them

Milestone Trend Analysis

  • Continuous monitoring of the project with objective targets