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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) describes a concept which is applied to develop web applications that exchange data with webservers via HTTP on a regular basis without loading the whole web page over and over again. As a format for data exchange XML or the more efficient JavaScript object Notation (JSON) can be used.

SEVENSTAX AJAX contains the following components:

  • AJAX Framework for development of web applications for embedded devices 

  • Streaming JSON parser and generator for embedded systems

AJAX framework offers a level of communication for generation of JSON requests and processing of JSON responses for web applications. Additionally, this includes a comprehensive example application. The implementation is designed to fit highest operation safety, high browser compatibility and minimum memory footprint. Open source components were deliberately avoided. Therefore, this software can be stored safely and efficiently to the ROM of the embedded system.

On the side of the embedded system SEVENSTAX AJAX extends the SEVENSTAX Webserver by the possibility to generate and process JSON telegrams. Via a simple API the exchangeable data is connected to the application.


  • Together with SEVENSTAX TLS we provide a highly secure, encrypted communication with the server via HTTP(s).