SEVENSTAX is one of the leading specialists for embedded Internet protocol stacks and applications. We are specialized in the development of complex systems which fulfil the highest standards of security and reliability while keeping their cost reasonable.

Our product range comprises RFC-compliant implementations of every important Internet protocol as well as unique applications for your devices. At SEVENSTAX, we develop all of our products ourselves, focusing on stability, performance and efficient use of resources. Our products are tailored to embedded devices.

SEVENSTAX products are used in automation, industrial process and control, consumer electronics, medical and automotive technology, railway and traffic engineering and many other markets. A long list of notable customers from a wide variety of markets attests to the quality and functionality of our products. The fact that SEVENSTAX products are used in safety-related applications underlines the high reliability and security of our software.

In addition to our own products, we offer competent and individualized development services. Beginning with the planning, we will be happy to support you in every phase of the development process, including specification and implementation. And our services are not just limited to the software component--we can also support you competently in the area of hardware design.