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SEVENSTAX PTP is a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) slave ordinary clock implementation for embedded systems. PTP allows an highly precise synchronization of embedded systems within a network with deviation of the time in the range of microseconds.

  • PTP slave ordinary clock version 2 according to IEEE1588-2008
    • Slave-only-mode
    • Single-homed
    • Multicast default PTP domain
  • Best master clock algorithm
  • integrated PI-rule algorithm
  • Supported messages:
    • Announce Rx
    • Sync Rx
    • FollowUp Rx
    • Delay_Req Tx
    • Delay_Resp Rx
  • Timestamp generation in hard- or software

SEVENSTAX PTP can be used with or without hardware support. Hardware support – read and write of the timestamp by the Ethernet controller – increases accuracy. 

A list of supported controllers is available on request.