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SEVENSTAX SNMP is an implementation of a Simple Network Management Protocol version 2 agent for embedded systems. The Simple Network Management Protocol provides a standards compliant protocol for configuration, control and surveillance of network components. The network participants work as SNMP agents. The central control unit is designated as SNMP manager and available as e.g. PC application. SEVENSTAX SNMP handles SNMP requests of a SNMP manager fully automatized.

  • SNMPv2 agent according to RFC1157

  • The following requests/responses are supported:

    • GetRequest

    • GetNextRequest

    • GetResponse

    • SetRequest

    • Trap

  • supported "Access Modes" according to RFC1157:



  • message size up to 484 bytes

  • Community: public, private, customer specific

An easy authentication can be realized using the community (RFC1901). When using a wrong community name the agent sends an "Authentication Failure".

The data is organized in the Management Information Base.
The Management Information Base (MIB) is a hierarchically organized database to manage devices and their features in a communication network. The information can be read and written via a management protocol e.g. SNMP. Within the MIB the data is organized in managed objects (RFC 1155). The data is processed with Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1, according to ITU-T-Standards X.680ff) and transferred to the SNMP. Every object is addressed via its Object Identifier (OID).

Multiple network parameters of the SEVENSTAX TCP/IP are addressable via standardized MIB (MIB-II according to RFC 1213). Using a simple API customer specific OIDs can be implemented in MIBs.