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SEVENSTAX joins the CharIn Initiative

Expanding on previous ties SEVENSTAX is now a fully-fledged member


As of January 2021 SEVENSTAX has joined the CharIn Initiative e.V., formalising our longstanding ties with the group. The organisation was created by some of the largest car manufacturers in the world, including VW, Daimler and BMW, to help establish the adoption of Combined Charging Systems as the global standard. We are very pleased to now be a part of a global knowledge sharing community whose goal is closely aligned to our own of encouraging widespread adoption of electrical vehicles. We hope to play our part in pushing the limits of charging technology even further to achieve mass adoption in the next decade with our V2G stack. An important part of that is international cooperation and particularly standardisation such as the DIN 70121 and ISO15118 communication protocols. By supporting a system and community that allows charging systems to function across countries and manufacturers we hope to encourage a safe and efficient infrastructure for our future of carbon free transportation.


Increasing our commitments to the initiative is the next logical step after we already participated in the Testival and various events by CharIn. For our customers our membership in CharIn e.V. means SEVENSTAX will continue to be able to operate at the very forefront of innovation. We will seek to actively partake in close exchanges with manufacturers and distributors of charging technologies to optimise our processes. We are thrilled to formalise our status as early adopters by joining the discussion.


For more information visit the CharIn e.V. website:

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