Wednesday, 2015-02-18 15:04

SEVENSTAX Google Nest Plugin

With a new plugin for SEVENSTAX HTTP(s)-Client devices can be connected to Google Nest quickly and easily. Nest Labs Inc. is a manufacturer of thermostats with online connection. In 2014 Nest Labs Inc. was acquired by Google. Google gives access to the communication of the devices (meanwhile, in addition to the thermostats there is also a smoke detector) and thereby allows access to the devices via a server. Thus, Google Nest devices can be integrated into the smart home.

This is particularly interesting for manufacturers in the field of heating and air conditioning. The thermostat e.g. has an integrated motion sensor which can sense the presence and condition of a person. In the smart home, that information can also be of interest for devices other than the heating.

As an example Philips "Hue" lighting works with Google Nest. There is even a washing machine from Whirlpool that talks with Nest. There is a clear trend at Google: Obviously Google is positioning itself on the smart home market against Apple’s Homekit. In any case Nest already offers a platform for manufacturers which can be used as an excellent marketing tool. Have we sparked your interest? Please contact us!