Monday, 2015-11-16 17:30

Optimized HTTPS access for Android devices

To enhance the security of HTTPS communication Google offers encoding for Android devices using ChaCha20 and Poly 1305.

ChaCha20 is significantly more efficient than the usual AES used in TLS, helping smartphones with saving energy while also aiding embedded devices to use less saving space and maintain processing performance. In May of 2015 this energy encrypting was standardized by the Crypto Forum Research Group. Apple uses said process with their HomeKit as well.

With the newest version this is also supported with the SEVENSTAX TLS “ChaCha20/Poly 1305”. Using this the communication with Android devices is quicker and saves resources. Of course, security is in no way compromised, fulfilling TLS 1.2, client certificate and Perfect Forward Secrecy as examples.