Welcome to the Internet of Things

SEVENSTAX is your strong partner for the Internet of Things. For more than 15 years, we support costumers all over the world from our traditional location in Hanover. Our focus is the integration of communication technologies in embedded systems. If desired, we support our costumers through all phases of their projects. Already at the early stage of project planning, we can provide help with our knowledge and our experience acquired during decades of project work. With our help, it is possible to build devices that work in every communication infrastructure, are easy to install and easy to use.


SEVENSTAX offers an extensive repertory of protocol stack implementations specifically developed for the use with embedded systems. All embedded software products are in-house developed based on the SEVENSTAX quality criteria.



Our specialists have been developing communication interfaces for embedded systems for more than 10 years. Wir share our expertise with you and offer you wide-spreaded support:

  • consulting, pre-project discussions, project management
  • planning of development budgets
  • concepts, specifications
  • conformance verification
  • trainings, workshops


Are you missing a network protocol in our linecard? Do you need help while implementing an application? Our specialists like to support your development based on your requirements.


The increasing complexity of devices and machines leads to an increasing demand for high-class user-interfaces that are easy to install and intuitively to use. We concentrate on development of applications specifically designed to control devices and machines and offer you therefore the following services:

  • development of smartphone applications (iOS, Andoid, Windows, etc.)
  • development of webapplications (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Or simply let us do the whole work: from the philosophy of the user interface structure to design to implementation.


Monday, 2015-11-16
Firmware updates protected against fakes

The already very secure and comfortable SEVENSTAX firmware update was enhanced by another signature process with Standard X.509 certificates. This gives it another protection on top of the current ones. Unlike usual signature...[mehr]

Monday, 2015-11-16
Optimized HTTPS access for Android devices

To enhance the security of HTTPS communication Google offers encoding for Android devices using ChaCha20 and Poly 1305. ChaCha20 is significantly more efficient than...[mehr]